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Eton Clarke | Banking Recruitment


Time is money, and especially with revenue generating markets, increasing the bottom line is the end goal. Whether you want to build your team, expand into new markets or even replace existing staff to help you achieve that goal, you can rest assured that we appreciate what you want.

We have built all our methodologies, processes and research around making that end goal a reality as quickly as possible. Whether that be through making our candidate introductions detailed with profit and loss history, client relationships and our own interview notes or by simply keeping you updated with regular market knowledge. We ensure that you waste no time at all in having to identify which candidate would suit your business needs out of the potential hundreds of applications.

We implement a 3-step process to get you the results you want.

Step 1 – Understand

We meet with you to understand everything about your business and needs. In a competitive marketplace we need to learn what makes you different. The message that we relay to candidates has to be consistent right the way from our opening conversation with them through to all of your interviews with them and finally when they join your organisation. We pride ourselves on getting to know our candidates, so we can properly assess whether the fit is right for your organisation.

Step 2 – Plan

We then share our market knowledge and in depth research of candidates covering sales, trading or structuring of products in your particular sector. Our consultants will make recommendations of the best suited candidates in our network and highlight others that our research team will be able to headhunt.

Step 3 – Deliver

We have often seen clients miss out on hiring what would have been an ideal candidate for their organisation and position due to slack timing. We waste no time in initiating contact with our candidates, introducing them to the opportunity and to you and then managing the process with meticulous attention to detail.

At each step of the process our emphasis is on adding value and ensuring we are taking away the stress from you of making a hire.