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Eton Clarke | Banking Recruitment

Our Approach

Our approach when conducting a search for either a candidate or client has been developed through years of experience and acquired specialist knowledge of our markets. Our aim is to show you added value from the very get go when you select us to act as your representative.

The 3-step process we have implemented, understand, plan and deliver ensures that we match the right candidate to the right vacancy. To aid that process, we use the following search methodologies on behalf of clients;

Our Core Approach

Retained Assignments

Benefit from our exclusive and innovative retained search that gives you control each step of the way. We realise that market conditions are not what they used to be so we have reduced our retainer fee from the traditional 1/3rd model to just 20% of our fee upfront as a commitment and the rest payable only when the candidate starts work. With our retained search you can really take advantage of all that we have to offer and each search strategy is customised to your timeline and goals.

It includes access to our;

  • Client Information Portal: Technology is constantly evolving, so we have invested heavily into the latest IT infrastructure allowing us to give our retained search clients access to an in house portal with real time information on their search. You can see exactly what our consultants are doing for you from the moment you retain us, you are able to monitor candidate feedback, timelines, and you are able to rejig your search criteria at any point.
  • Global Research: With research staff assigned to each of our global offices we are well positioned to take on a search mandate in any geographical location with the peace of mind that we have the manpower available to assist you.
  • Marketing/Advertising: We allocate our retained searches a featured advert slot on our own website which is then linked to several online portals, it ensures we are leaving no stone unturned when searching for your ideal candidate.
  • Account Manager: We allocate to you a senior member of our management team who has had years of experience completing retained mandates. It is their job to be at your beck and call throughout the process, liaising with all internal stakeholders to ensure all processes are working to the target deadline. They will be dedicated to your search until completion of the hire.

Contingency Assignments

For those clients who are unable to give that upfront commitment, we are able to partner on a contingency basis. We offer to you our extensive database of market leading candidates on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. Keeping your costs low but still giving you access to our talent pool. Through our in house advertising, referrals system and general network we are well equipped to provide a shortlist of candidates who are active in the market, allowing us to fulfil search criteria under this method faster than our competitors.

Both our retained and contingency search options come with our unique candidate introduction sheet presented with every CV, which saves you valuable time in accessing key information on the candidate quickly. You will find that our fees are competitive but our service is second to none.

Value Added Extras

Market Intelligence & Mapping

From researching and understanding trends on remuneration, impact of new legislation, key competitor analysis and market mapping we are able to work to your goals to equip you with the information to help you make informed decisions.


Collaborative advertising campaigns allow you to attract the best candidates with your brand without having to sift through all the responses to filter out the suitable candidates from the significant number of unqualified candidates this type of campaign can attract.